QA Work

[Previous Major Projects]

Guardians of Middle-Earth

[Monolith Productions]

Guardians of Middle-earth delivers an authentic multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game set in Middle-earth! Play with friends to bring up to 10 players together in strategic five versus five competitive multiplayer battle arenas in this epic setting.

Major Contributions:
  •  Managed and released stable builds to the development team.
  • Wrote, updated, and executed build verification test cases to identify and report critical bugs.
  • Coordinated with producers and developers to prioritize and resolve critical issues.

SOCOM 4 (Multiplayer Team)

[Zipper Interactive]

SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals is a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter developed exclusively for play on PlayStation 3. The second release in the SOCOM series on the PS3 platform, SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals features an all-new Ops Commander character tasked to lead a five-member NATO special forces squad in a desperate operation in Southeast Asia. Game features include: dynamic command of squad members, an air support option, and 32 player online multiplayer.

Major Contributions:
  • Worked with the Lead Multiplayer Designer to provide feedback for the multiplayer game modes, levels, and weapon balance. 
  • Collaborated with a fellow tester to design all Merits (Kill and Objective XP bonuses).
  • Executed daily build and level verification, including writing, updating, and tracking bugs.


[Zipper Interactive]

MAG is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter that is unique in a variety of ways. A PS3 exclusive, MAG allows up to 256 players aligned with different private military corporations (PMCs) to battle each other at the same time across a global battlefield. Within this persistent game world players engage in campaign and mission play that elevates their character from the ranks of a lowly grunt, all the way up through the intricate command structure of the in-game officer corp. Along the way players players experience in-depth character customization, a robust leveling system and large-scale MMO shooter gameplay that makes MAG a game not to be missed by fans of the shooter genre.

Major Contributions:
  • Worked with the Multiplayer Designers to provide feedback for multiplayer levels and weapon balance. 
  • Collaborated with a group of fellow testers to brainstorm Playstation Trophies for MAG, many of which appeared in the final product.
  • Worked with the Lead Level Designer after work hours to learn Zipper's proprietary level design software.
  • Executed daily build and level verification, including writing, updating, and tracking bugs.